Alisea Esco S.A. has been awarded the contract for the works of “Reform of the public lighting of the town hall of paramo del sil (leon)”.

The town council will renovate the lighting installations, achieving significant improvements in energy efficiency, thanks to the complete migration to led technology of the public lighting.

Alisea Esco S.A., empresa de servicios energéticos, has been awarded the works contract for the “reforma del alumbrado publico de anllares del sil, hospital del sil y cediel, pertenecientientes al ayto de paramo del sil (leon)” for an amount of 62,484.06 €.

In a few weeks the replacement of the municipality’s street lights with LED technology will be completed, complying with the current regulations on Energy Efficiency in Public Lighting. Thanks to this action on 239 points of light, annual energy savings of around 70% of the previous costs of the installation will be obtained. As a result, the Town Council of Páramo del Sil will reduce its approximate electricity bill for lighting from 10,580 € to 3,386 €, obtaining a saving for the municipal coffers of 7,194 € per year, which means an approximate saving of 107,910 € during the minimum useful life of 15 years.

At the same time, all 5 control centres will be overhauled, thereby improving the safety of the electrical installations and upgrading the installation’s own components. 

All the lighting has a 5-year guarantee provided by ALISEA on the luminaires installed, in full compliance with the technical and administrative specifications required by the City Council.

The new LED luminaires are characterised by being composed of a modular system, by having the highest degree of tightness in the market (IP68), maintaining low CO2 emissions and a higher CRI than the previous lighting.

Through this action, the municipality of Páramo del Sil becomes a municipality committed to energy efficiency, modernization of facilities, as well as environmental sustainability and light pollution, achieving savings in CO2 emissions of 31.23 Tn per year.