Alisea Esco S.A. has successfully renewed the renovation of the public lighting installations in laguna de Duero

Alisea Esco S.A. has renovated the installations of the town hall of laguna de duero, one of the most outstanding municipalities close to valladolid, which will achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency, thanks to the complete migration to led technology of the public lighting.

ALISEA ESCO S.A Empresa de Servicios Energéticos, was awarded the “Contract for the renovation of the street lighting installation and public open spaces in the municipality of Laguna de Duero”, which has been aimed at modernising and optimising all of the municipality’s luminaires using the latest generation technology.

At the end of November 2017, the replacement of the municipality’s luminaires with LED technology was completed, as well as the renovation and legalisation of the control centres. Thanks to this action on 4,122 light points, annual energy savings (direct and indirect expenditure) of up to 75% of the previous installation costs will be obtained. As a result, the Laguna de Duero Town Council will reduce its electricity bill for lighting from 460,000 € to 115,000 €, obtaining an annual saving for the municipal coffers of 345,000 €, which means an approximate saving of 3,450,000 € in 10 years of guarantee. 

In turn, ALISEA ESCO S.A. refurbished 57 control centres, thereby achieving greater safety of the electrical installations and an update of the installation’s own components, achieving a reduction in possible future breakdowns. In addition, the ground installation in some control centres was refurbished, improving public safety and the durability of the installation.

As an improvement to the municipality, one of the main urbanisations in the municipality of Laguna de Duero, Fuente Juana, was renovated with 273 luminaires, improving the previous lighting and creating an atmosphere of safety and well-being. 80 pedestrian crossings were illuminated giving more road safety to the citizens of the municipality, also installed lighting in 7 main roundabouts, and consequently road safety at the entrance to the main avenues of the municipality and energy savings provided by the replacement to led by the previous technology that exceeds 70% of the previous consumption.

All the lighting has a 10-year guarantee provided by ALISEA ESCO S.A. on all the luminaires installed, as well as all the technical and administrative specifications required by the City Council.

In order to achieve the aforementioned savings, LEDUS LED technology luminaires have been installed. The new LED luminaires are characterised by a modular system, the highest degree of watertightness on the market (IP68), which guarantees their durability over time even when exposed to extreme conditions of cold or heat, an optimal design that favours heat dissipation, maintenance without the need for tools, low CO2 emissions and a higher CRI (colour rendering index) than existing luminaires.

Through this action, the municipality of Laguna de Duero becomes a municipality that is committed to energy efficiency, modernisation of installations as well as environmental sustainability and light pollution, achieving a saving in CO2 emissions of 756.4 Tn.