Alisea Esco S.A. has been awarded the contract for the management of energy services for the public lighting of the city council of Begonte (lugo).

Begonte town council will achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency and street lighting, thanks to the complete migration to led technology, comprehensive maintenance and energy efficiency of its facilities.

ALISEA ESCO S.A, Empresa de Servicios Energéticos, was awarded the contract for the INTEGRAL SERVICE WITH FULL GUARANTEE OF THE STREET LIGHTING OF THE BEGONTE TOWN COUNCIL, which aims to modernise all the public lighting luminaires, using the latest generation technology, and to reduce the associated energy and environmental consumption.

All the lights in the municipality will be completely replaced with LED technology. Thanks to this action on some 2,000 lighting points, annual energy savings of over 63% will be achieved, as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere of 142 tonnes per year. 

Thanks to these actions, the costs of the City Council’s lighting service will be reduced by more than €14,500 per year, which will mean a total saving of around €300,000 for the municipal coffers over the life of the contract. In addition, night-time visibility will be improved, increasing safety and comfort levels for residents, businesses and road traffic.

With the aim of obtaining the aforementioned savings, LED technology luminaires from LG and GE are being installed, with the manufacturers and ALISEA itself responsible for the perfect operation of the installations during the 20 years of the contract.

Begonte Town Council will control the public lighting by means of a remote management system, which will facilitate the energy management of the installation. With this system, it will be possible to regulate the switching on and off of the luminaires, control the inventory, maintenance and know in real time the consumption of each of the control centres.

ALISEA ESCO S.A. is one of the leading Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in Spain, offering full guarantee during the life of the contract, making the necessary investments in energy efficiency, improvements in maintenance services, implementation of intelligent service management tools and assuming the payment of energy in the municipalities that have contracted this service. 

With the aim of optimising the use of energy resources, ALISEA ESCO S.A. bases its development on three pillars: Innovation, Modernity and Contribution to the Environment to improve the sustainability and quality of life of people.