Energy efficiency

Public lighting

Public lighting systems account for between 60% and 90% of electricity consumption by municipalities due to inefficient technology and poor adjustment of tariffs and wattages to real needs. Alisea offers a total management solution starting from the energy audit to the financial solution through the ESCO model, including the state-of-the-art intelligent management system.

Problems in public lighting

  • High energy consumption
  • High, avoidable contribution to environmental pollution
  • High operation and maintenance costs
  • Expectations of citizens on climate action

Alisea total solution

  • Energy audit
  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Plan
  • Implementation contract
  • Finance
  • Execution
  • Management and maintenance
  • Total solution for public clients


  • Reductions in energy consumption by 75%.
  • Cost reductions
  • No capital expenditure by public administration
  • Increased citizen satisfaction
  • Participation in the national energy transition

Indoor lighting solutions

Energy efficiency and energy savings in lighting and air conditioning in buildings and facilities optimise their consumption and thus the associated economic and environmental costs.


  • Comprehensive energy audit of site installations.
  • High savings in lighting costs.
  • Long product life and low maintenance.
  • Optimum lighting conditions for each case.

Office and showroom

  • Better lighting conditions for employees and visitors.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Optimal lighting conditions for employee health and satisfaction.
  • Compliance with occupational lighting regulations.

Sports installation

  • Experienced sports lighting specialist.
  • Outdoor-indoor, football, golf, tennis, paddle tennis, swimming pools.
  • Optimal lighting conditions for sportsmen and sports community.