Project finance

Alisea provides investment solutions and technical solutions

This service helps our clients’ projects to come to a halt due to financial resource constraints. Alisea offers a complete solution from design to finding a financing solution adapted to the client’s needs.

Deferred payment

  • No impact on the transmission ratio
  • Deferred payment for up to 5 years
  • Investment recouped within 1-3 years on average

ESCO model

  • No impact on transmission ratio
  • Alisea invests, shares savings with customer
  • Alisea invests, shares revenue from generated energy

Rental model

  • Payments made monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Products and services are approved by the bank
  • Official report to guarantee energy savings.
  • Application with bank provided by Alisea

Partnership with the client

  • Sharing business model
  • Sharing investment
  • Provide product and service technologies.


  • Project
  • Business
  • Energy technology


  • Local
  • National
  • Global