Alisea Esco S.A. has begun renovation of the public lighting installations in Cubillos del Sil

Alisea Esco will be the company that finally undertakes the comprehensive renovation of the outdoor lighting in the municipality of Cubillos del Sil. This was decided by the contracting board in the open selection process among the 26 companies from all parts of the national geography that competed in a tender that the Cubillos del Sil Town Council put out for an amount of 633,048 euros.

In the end, the contracting committee decided in favour of the bid submitted by Alisea Esco, both for being the most advantageous from an economic point of view – its bid was 50% of the tender price, as it submitted a bid for a total of 316,524 euros – and for the improvements and guarantees presented. In the first case, the successful bidder undertakes to supply equipment to the value of 26,159 euros, while in the case of the guarantee of the work, the Basque-Madrilenian company has set this period at ten years.

With this contract, Cubillos del Sil’s outdoor lighting will be completely renovated, which, among other things, will involve replacing around 1,200 streetlights in each and every one of the villages in the municipality with low-energy lamps. The company will also have to install a control system for all the public lighting to promote energy saving and the localisation of faults in the lighting points. A remote management system that will allow savings in electricity consumption at the municipality’s outdoor lighting points “of at least 40%. Although some companies have even told us that the savings can easily exceed 50 or even 60%”, says the councillor of Cubillos del Sil, the socialist, Antonio Cuellas.

At present, the electricity bills for these lighting points on the roads of this municipality in the central Bierzo region represent an annual cost of around 130,000 euros.

To carry out this comprehensive renovation plan for the exterior lighting, the Cubillos del Sil Town Council has a loan from Idae with an interest rate of 0% and a ten-year repayment period. “A credit that contemplated these terms when the amount that was available was the 633,000 euros with which it was tendered, but which will now be significantly reduced with the drop recorded in the award”.