About Alisea

ALISEA ESCO, S.A. is a company with more than 10 years of experience, dedicated to energy services and specialised in promoting energy efficiency projects, designing and implementing energy saving solutions, and improving the control and management of our clients’ installations. ALISEA ESCO develops projects, both in the public and private sectors, from their conception, with the design of the most efficient solutions, to their implementation and operation, with maximum benefits through continuous energy management.

ESCO projects leaders

We are one of the companies with the longest experience in ESCO projects in cities. Our professionalism and experience not only allow us to outsource energy efficiency investments, but also help companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The economic activity invested in ESCO models contributes to sustainable development by promoting a transition to clean energy and fighting for a green future.

Business lines

Energy efficiency

More than 10 years of experience being leaders in ESCO projects in several cities in Spain.

Generation and self-consumption

We have a worldwide patent until 2037 on our micro-hydro generation solution, with zero environmental impact.

City Services

We offer different solutions using PLC, Zigbee, NB-IoT and LoRa through our own control platform.

Financing your project

Alisea provides investment and technical solutions. This service helps our client’s projects to come to a halt due to financial resource constraints. Alisea offers a complete solution from design to finding a financing solution adapted to the client’s needs.

Self-sustainability and Smart Services

Alisea offers a Global Smart Sustainability Project to maximise the energy saving and renewable generation potential of cities, while implementing advanced technological solutions and innovative citizen services.

The Global Integrated Project means savings of more than 70% in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, plus all the additional benefits that would allow the city to obtain information about mobility, citizen safety, environment, tourism promotion and many more.

Our projects

LED street lighting installation and energy management

Jaén, Spain

Micro-hydro generation

Majadahonda, Spain

LED street lighting installation and energy management

Gandía, Spain

Bus station LED lighting installation

Valladolid, Spain

Installation of LED lighting at the airport

Málaga, Spain

Outdoor lighting for tennis and padel sports centre

Development of the Zigbee Point-to-Point control system

Barcelona, Spain

Indoor lighting system on Golf course

Madrid, Spain

Football indoor lighting system

Jaén, Spain

luminaires installed

tonnes of avoided Co2 emissions

projects completed

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