Alisea and Ballesol Group commit to energy efficiency

The energy saving project will require an investment of one million euros and will be carried out over an estimated period of eighteen months in all the residential centres that the company Ballesol has in Spain. The initiative will mean that the luminaires installed will produce “energy savings of approximately 10.5 million euros and 5,120 tonnes less in CO2 emissions in five years, according to estimates by the consultancy firm Intelen, which was commissioned to carry out the preliminary analysis and study the feasibility of the project”.

In 2014, Grupo Ballesol developed an Energy Saving and Efficiency Plan (2015/2017) covering the 45 residential centres it currently has in Spain. Among the objectives of this plan was (and is) the “renovation of lighting systems and luminaire installations”. According to the Group’s CEO, Ignacio Vivas, “the agreement reached by Grupo Ballesol and Alisea will make it possible to improve existing lighting levels, reducing CO2 emissions thanks to the energy savings achieved by changing the lighting model”.