Alisea Esco S.A. executes the energy service management contract for the public lighting of gandía town council

Gandía town council has achieved improvements in energy efficiency, thanks to the complete migration to led technology, maintenance and energy efficiency in public lighting.

On 1 December 2014, ALISEA ESCO S.A, Energy Services Company, was awarded the Energy Service Management Contract for the Public Lighting of Gandía City Council, which aims to modernise all the public lighting luminaires, using the latest generation technology.

The complete replacement of the luminaires in the city of Gandía with LED technology has taken place. Thanks to this action on more than 13,200 points of light, annual energy savings of more than 66% have been obtained, which corresponds to approximately €710,280. Reductions in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere of 2,723 tonnes per year have been achieved, which is equivalent to planting some 453,800 trees, in an area equivalent to some 2,268 football pitches.

In order to achieve the aforementioned savings, LEDUS LED technology luminaires have been installed. The new LED luminaires are characterised by a modular system, the highest degree of watertightness on the market (IP68), which guarantees their durability over time even when exposed to extreme conditions of cold or heat, an optimal design that favours heat dissipation, maintenance without the need for tools and low CO2 emissions.

The third year of the contract has just been completed and the savings obtained have been 1% higher than estimated. Currently, the accumulated savings amount to 20,028,400 kWh, equivalent to 2,130,000 euros and 8,169 fewer tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Thanks to these actions, it has been possible to reduce the energy and environmental costs of the city, increase savings for the municipal coffers, and improve night-time visibility, increasing the levels of safety and comfort for residents, businesses and road traffic.

Gandía City Council controls public lighting by means of a remote management system, which facilitates energy management. With this system, it is possible to regulate the switching on and off of luminaires, control the inventory, maintenance and know in real time the consumption of each of the control centres.

ALISEA ESCO S.A. is one of the leading Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in Spain, offering full guarantee during the life of the contract, making the necessary investments in energy efficiency, improvements in maintenance services, implementation of intelligent service management tools and assuming the payment of energy in the municipalities that have contracted this service. 

ALISEA ESCO S.A. currently manages more than 40,000 lighting points, either directly or in joint ventures with leading partners. Among its main clients are: Jaén City Council, Tarancón City Council, Cartaya City Council, Laguna de Duero City Council (4,102 luminaires) and Cubillos del Sil City Council. 

With the aim of optimising the use of energy resources, ALISEA ESCO S.A. bases its development on three pillars: Innovation, Modernity and Contribution to the Environment to improve the sustainability and quality of life of people.