Alisea Esco S.A. executes the energy service management contract for the public lighting of gandía town council

ALISEA ESCO has been awarded the contract for the renovation, maintenance and management of the public lighting installations in the Valencian municipality of Gandía, in a public tender put forward by the Gandía City Council.

Gandía, a town with 78,678 inhabitants, although its floating population is estimated at 120,000 people, is the seventh most populated city in the Valencian Community and one of the main tourist destinations of reference in the country, which can triple its population in summer.

The Gandía City Council, in its commitment to the environment and to the provision of first class services to citizens, as well as in its quest to optimise and rationalise costs in view of the current difficult time that public administrations are going through, has decided to launch a project to modernise the area of energy services that will allow it to combine savings, efficiency and reduction of the impact on the environment with modernity and quality services to citizens.

To meet this challenge, Gandía City Council launched a public tender to renovate and manage the almost 11,500 outdoor luminaires installed in the city, as the existing infrastructure was obsolete, more expensive and generated high CO2 emissions, as it used sodium vapour technology, as well as significantly increasing energy consumption. The aim was to achieve a significant reduction in both the cost of public lighting, estimated at €1,736,808 for 2015, and energy consumption, which amounted to 8,951,246 kWh.

The ESE (Energy Services Company) contract worth 35 million euros has been awarded to the proposal submitted by Alisea ESCO, as it meets the institution’s requirements and fulfils all the characteristics requested, as well as adding additional advantages in terms of project financing and savings for the municipality that are estimated at more than 9 million euros net over the 15-year duration of the contract. In terms of financing, Alisea ESCO will be responsible for making all the necessary initial investments, amounting to more than 5.8 million euros, so that Gandía City Council will not have to face outlays that will reduce its capacity to serve its citizens.

“We were looking for a technology partner that would be able to provide us with a solution to optimise the lighting infrastructure in all aspects and implement the new energy efficiency measures,” says Clara Carbonell, Director General for the Environment, Basic Services and Projects of Gandía City Council. “The council has considered the bid submitted by Alisea as a whole, especially valuing the considerable savings for the municipal coffers and its commitment to face the investment to renew the luminaires. We are convinced that Alisea will provide us with the best service with full guarantees.

Alisea ESCO will be responsible for both the installation of the new lighting system based on state-of-the-art LED luminaires and the management, control and maintenance of the entire infrastructure, providing cumulative savings of more than 106 million kWh over the course of the contract. In terms of CO2 emissions, in the first year alone, emissions will be reduced from 2,400 Tm to 500 Tm. This will allow Gandía to become one of the first most efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly cities in Spain, as these figures are equivalent to removing an average of 2,200 cars a day from the streets of Gandía.