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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


Public Lighting

Public lighting systems account for between 60-90% of electrical energy consumption by municipalities due to inefficient technology and poor adjustment of rates and powers to real needs. Alisea provides total management solution starting from energy audit to financial solution through ESCO model including state of the art smart management system.
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Private Sector lighting

Efficiency and energy saving in lighting and air conditioning in buildings and facilities optimizes their consumption and therefore the associated economic and environmental costs.
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Water Turbines

Micro water turbines are highly adaptable to different cases with low maintenance and a long lifespan. Civil works costs are low to zero resulting in a low LCOE, rapid payback and minimum environmental impact.
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Self-generation for self-consumption or sale, achieving savings of 50-70% of current costs with zero carbon emissions. Installation in wasted spaces, very low maintenance and a highly durable alternative energy source.
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Smart Management


Smart Hardware Control

Hardware using latest technology and smart functionalities including electronic vehicle charger, smart lamp posts and use-case sensing technology.
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Smart Software

Smart telemanagement, real time communication with pedestrian and vehicle traffic, remote monitoring and control, all at the service of municipal employees through software for intelligents systems. Intellignet systems can provide greater efficiency through adaptation to needs – seasonably adjusted nighttime hours, special events and incidences.
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